Deliverable D1.2

System architecture and specifications
Date: May 2018
Dissemination: Confidential
Abstract: This deliverable describes the work done in Work package 1 following the preliminary analysis carried out in D1.1. This deliverable is the full description of the DREAM global architecture with all relevant system specifications to be used in D1.3 for the sub-block definition. For this purpose, we analysed at first the regulations and the main propagation characteristics of D-Band. Then we have derived the MODEM profiles suited for the DREAM scope, taking into account the future regulation limits, not yet defined, but that can be foreseen today. A dedicated chapter with discussion and definition of the whole system architecture is included. The final chapter presents system simulations and system scalability including a potential extension of the solution to a practical implementation for doubling the capacity.
Keywords: D-Band, Los-MIMO.