Deliverable D3.2

Optimised antenna element candidates with simulation and measurement results for array development
Date: Nov. 2018
Dissemination: Confidential
Abstract: This deliverable describes the work done during the first year of DREAM in Work Package 3. The system level specifications have been developed together with Work Package 1 in teleconferences. Antenna specifications are presented together with designs and measurement results.
Printed circuit board technology has been shown to be a viable technology for D-band antenna and MMIC integration. Low-loss substrate materials are available and high-end PCB manufacturers are capable of building the required laminates. Test structures have been designed, characterized and reported. Good correlation between simulation and measurement are shown.
Several different kinds of antenna elements have been designed, characterized and reported. S-parameters show good correlation and radiation patterns are similar to simulated, thus validating the design methodology. The antenna element specifications were set in Report D3.1 based on input from WP1. The most important specifications are tabulated in Table 4 along with the achieved ones. In our view all the important specifications can be achieved with the proposed antenna technologies.
Next step is to proceed towards antenna array design and integration of MMICs on the substrate.
Keywords: D-band, antennas, antenna arrays.