Deliverable D6.4

Standardization activity
Date: 2 sep. 2019
Dissemination: Confidential
Abstract: Exploitation activities of DREAM project outcomes will play a major role both for the industrial, research centers and the academic partners, having a strong mid- and long-term impact on regulation and standardization activities, new products proof-of-concept, IPRs and pre-development activities, as well as on scientific dissemination and education. This document presents an update related to the activities of the project’s second year on the overall exploitation strategy of the DREAM project and the exploitation plan of each consortium member.
Keywords: Project overview, achievements, results, exploitation plan, radio technology, millimetre-wave, transceiver, front-end, D-band communications, oscillator, frequency synthesizer, phase noise, power amplifier, BiCMOS, SiGe, power efficiency.