Feb 16

D-band RAdio 5G netwOrk technology (DRAGON)


The promising results of DREAM led to its prosecution with a new advanced program “D-band RAdio 5G netwOrk techNology”, DRAGON, officially started in December 2020.

The DRAGON project vision and objectives rely on a power efficient and silicon based BiCMOS transceiver analog front end, operating in D-band and enabling cost efficient deployment of telecommunications networks with seamless fiber performance. A beam steering integrated antenna array using an intelligent low-cost packaging technology will be developed for the implementation of the 5G network demo trial on field with fine beam alignment for compensating pole vibration.

The DRAGON consortium has a well-balanced and complementary know-how in the relevant areas for designing and demonstrating the feasibility of a small cell cellular network architecture based on meshed D-band backhaul links. DRAGON will therefore secure Europe’s industrial leadership and pave the way towards the beyond 5G telecommunications networks.

Follow the DRAGON project evolution on the dedicated pages:


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