Nov 16

DREAM asked guidance to ETSI ATTM TM4

During the last ETSI ATTM TM4 #64 meeting, NOKIA presented a contribution on “New Antenna introduction” connected to the DMI ATTM 0451 on “Preliminary study on RPE for 92-114.25 GHz and 130-174.8 GHz bands”.

The main scope of this contribution was to open a wider discussion on how new kind of antennas should be introduced in the ETSI Harmonized standard. During this discussion, guidance on how “DREAM” like system could be tested in the scope of an Harmonised Standard was asked. Main conclusion was: considered that traditional approach based on “conducted” measurements are not feasible, since in DREAM the “ETSI antenna port” does not exist neither physically nor virtually, radiated measurement need to be considered. To address this point it has been agreed to open a new Work Item, DMI/ATTM-0454 “Active antenna Characteristics and requirements for active (time varying) antenna and related radio specifications used in PP FS bands”

In the meantime, considering that the current measuring instruments covering the D-Band do not have an adequate sensitivity for the necessary checks, it has been recognized that the only way to “validate”, for example, the transmitted spectrum mask is to exploit the sensitivity of the system under measure itself. And this is the same approach envisaged in DREAM.


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