Nov 17

ERZIA Technologies – Spain


ERZIA Technologies SL is a Spanish SME with strong heritage and expertise in RF & Microwave devices, Space critical applications and Ground Support Equipment. With more than 13 years of experience.
The business activities of ERZIA are organized as follows:

  1. Design, manufacturing and integration of RF & Microwave and MMW systems up to 119 GHz for critical applications.
  2. Data links and communications Systems.
  3. Space systems like SSPA space qualified and RF and Power SCOES for satellite test systems.

ERZIA has a strong background in space and R&D projects, as well as in RF and MMW amplifiers, with over 100 standard amplifier modules already available in the portfolio. ERZIA has also developed an important number of customized RF devices, including amplifiers for space based platforms. The expertise in Electrical Ground Support Equipment for Space applications is also an important asset of the company, especially in RF and Power Ground Support Equipment. ERZIA has in-house capabilities to work with bare-die components (wire and die bonding) as well as a complete state of the art laboratory for the characterization of RF & Microwave devices up to W Band, including equipment for environmental testing.

Main Tasks in the Project

ERZIA will be leading WP4 and in charge of the platform integration and the subsystem validation. To accomplish this goal, ERZIA will collaborate with CEIT in the design of the power supply and microstrip matching circuits and in the demonstrator assembly and test. ERZIA will also work with VTT to design the matching circuits for antennas and the LTCC designs and processing. ERZIA will also collaborate with
ALU-I in the design of Base band interface and in the Integration and functional test of the complete unit.