Dec 14

ETSI TM4 started to work on the new WI deals with D Band – 13-15 Dec 2017

During last ETSI TM4 meeting #57 a new Work item “Technical material for possible inclusion in EN 302 217 series; Equipment and antenna characteristics in FS bands in the range 130 GHz to 174,8 GHz. Characteristics and requirements for D-band PP equipment and antennas” was opened.

At ETSI TM4 #58 meeting, a first contribution, “Elements for D band systems standardization” has been considered.

The contribution, considering that, solutions and technologies likely to be used in D-Band could be different from those used till now in conventional bands, listed several elements should be taken into consideration.  Mainly:

  • Point to Point (P-P), Point to Multipoint and Multi Point to Point
  • FDD/TDD extension to fFDD (flexible FDD) and FD (full duplex)
  • Test instruments up to 175 GHz
  • Noise floor and spectrum dynamic range
  • Integral equipment and antennas
  • Beam-forming/steering antenna
  • Impact on EMC requirements

Finally, it has been pointed out that relevant methods of measurements should be carefully studied for avoiding misunderstanding and market uncertainty in the CE Mark assessment.

ETSI is the recognized regional standards body – European Standards Organization (ESO) – dealing with telecommunications, broadcasting and other electronic communications networks and services.  ETSI produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, broadcast and Internet technologies.

Inside ETSI, the Technical Committee (TC) ATTM addresses Access, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing including all aspects within the ETSI scope – cabling, installations, signal transmission, multiplexing and other forms of signal processing up to digitalization in private and public domain.

The Working Group TM4 in TC ATTM will be responsible for: Specifications for point-to-point and multipoint radio systems, in the fixed service used in core and access networks (including mobile service backhauling); all equipment aspects including antenna parameters are covered.


News from ETSI ATTM TM4 #78 meeting.
TM4 met on 11-13 December 2017 at the ETSI headquarter, Sophia Antipolis (France).
DREAM delegate, from NOKIA (Mario Frecassetti), attended the meeting.